A Memoir of Hope Solo

“True heroes are made of hard work and integrity.” – Hope Solo

Hope Solo is the starting goalkeeper on the US Women’s National team. She has won the Golden Glove Award, a Gold Medal and written her own book.  Reading this book at least 3 times myself, i know that it is a heartbreaking and incredibly inspirational book.  She tells the story of her life from a young girl in Washington, all up until the World Cup game against Japan.  Hope went through so much in her life and the one steady thing through it all was soccer.  She shows her love of the game and her drive to push harder through all 320 pages. Image 

What inspires me about her is that she had so much go wrong in her family, her school, her team and even her soccer career yet she decided that she was going to make it.  She refused to let her down falls take over her life because she was passionate for soccer.

Solo tore her shoulder apart, was kidnapped by her father, her house burned down, her only childhood friend (her beloved dog) died, her dad passed away, her teammates turned against her and got her benched, and much much more.  I have so much respect for her and the things that she has accomplished in her life time.  

After i read her book, i had a much different perspective on dedication and what is meant to be a player.  

ImageI really did become motivated to just throw out everything i have in order to improve.  I want to play to the full extent of my abilities.  Just reading a book changed my mind set.  That may seem over dramatic and like an exaggeration but i can promise you, it’s not.  i feel like just hearing her story and how she over came it, the struggles she had to suffer through to get to the place she wanted it truly amazing and it encourages me every day to not give up on anything that i care about.


you can buy her book here–> A Memoir of Hope Solo


Re-Framing Car Pool

Today during class we listened to a radio podcast about a girl who really wanted to fit in.  She spent the day with the coolest 10 year old in her grade, and ended up embarassing herself, but it turned out just the way she hoped for in the end.

During my many seasons playing soccer i have tryed out for several different teams. And each time Continue reading

Impression On Holden- Catcher In The Rye

holden-caulfield-adventure-beginsMy first impression of Holden after reading the first 38 pages of Catcher in the Rye is that he is kind of lost.  He doesn’t seem to care about or apply himself to anything and he doesn’t seem to really have a plan.  At nearly age 17, most teens would be trying to get it together for their future. But Holden on the other hand is flunking all his classes (except English which he excels in) and he is getting kicked out of Continue reading

My fellow classmates blogs!


I like Pete’s blog because he compared the podcast we listened to, to a personal experience that ended in the same result- failure.  I agree that many teens go through the process of trying too hard to impress and failing.




I liked Shayla’s post because she told an almost identical story to that of the podcast we listened to.  It was interesting to hear that she had had such a similar experience to Candice.  I agree that that must have been very embarrassing.